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Supporting the Australian energy community at all stages of the energy lifecycle, from generation,  storage, transmission, distribution, policy, and regulation, with evidence-based advice and analytics 

More sustainable, efficient, and equitable energy for all


Policymakers and regulators

economy meets energy

Policymakers and regulators are tasked with disrupting the energy status quo through decarbonisation and decentralisation, which requires balancing economic adoption drivers with funding support and diligent compliance requirements across industrial, commercial, and residential sectors

We optimise these factors with a range of services, including cross-sector policy analysis, scenario-based analysis, cost-benefit-assessment, stakeholder consultation, and whole-of-system impact assessment, including emissions, costs, and vulnerable customers

Generation and fuel supply​

Evolving Energy Landscape

Generators, including battery operators, are challenged by the timing and complexion of the future energy landscape, driven by decarbonisation and decentralisation trends and the need to pivot toward zero carbon fuels, renewables, storage, and virtual power plants

Our solutions include end-to-end power system simulation, price and load forecasting, truly integrated resource planning, transmission tariff analysis, zero carbon fuel assessment, and hydrogen

Transmission and distribution

Regulated network businesses face unprecedented change driven by decentralisation and decarbonisation trends, which are redefining where and how resources are connected, coordinated, and compensated

We offer truly integrated system and grid planning, unregulated opportunity assessment, tariff strategy and design, regulatory proposal support, and business visioning to help our T&D clients achieve their strategic goals

Optimising resources for all

Energy retailers ​

unprecedented change

Decentralisation, innovative electrification trends, and emerging technologies and business models require energy retailers to transition towards a blend of wholesale and behind-the-meter products and services to power their decision-making

Gain access to a range of specialist services to power your decision-making, including market forecasting, competitor research, customer needs analysis, product mix and pricing, organisational design scenarios, partnering advice, business model, budgeting, and business case development

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