Future System Planning for an International Energy Retailer

An international energy retailer, distributor and generator engaged Energeia’s strategic consulting services to develop an enterprise architecture roadmap, a long-term business vision with key insights into the future of their grid and customers.

Future System Planning

Energeia’s consulting services were engaged by an international energy retailer, distributor and generator to help them learn what the future of their grid and their customers might look like. The goal was to better prepare the company for emerging and rapidly evolving energy markets, while also providing insight into how to future-proof their IT architecture.

Energeia developed industry, market, and digital outlooks. Desktop research was conducted on the evolution of the energy market in leading international jurisdictions. Energeia investigated the following key topics:

  • Future Customers
    • Policy and Regulation
    • Economic
    • Technology and Data
    • Industry
    • Sociological
  • Future System
    • Distributed Energy Resources
    • Load Patterns
    • Distribution System
    • Power System and Market
  • Future Positions
    • Retail
    • Transmission and Distribution
    • Generation and Fuel Supply

This research underpinned a transformation enterprise architecture roadmap, a custom business vision Energeia developed for the client which included a long-term outlook of key business drivers.

To communicate this business vision, Energeia conducted multiple workshops with the client detailing the future worldwide state of the energy system, customers, and strategy. This thorough roadmap of where the local energy sector could potentially go provided the client insight into how to strategically position their company. Energeia’s findings were used as a guide to rebuild the client’s IT architecture.

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For more detailed information regarding key challenges facing electric vehicle uptake, please see Energeia’s webinar and associated materials.

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