Power Session Webinar
June 20, 2023 | 9:30 AM (AEST)

Join Ezra Beeman, Managing Director of Energeia, Australia’s largest’s specialist energy consultancy, for the next Power Sessions webinar series installment – The Potential of Drop-In, Zero-Carbon Fuels.

In this webinar, the following key points will be discussed: 

  1. Key technology and cost risks in Australia’s current CO2 strategy that biofuels could potentially address in the near-to-medium term​
  2. Australia’s current biofuels markets, feedstocks and potential opportunities​
  3. Key insights and lessons for Australia from the California biofuels market and outlook

Register now to reserve your spot and learn how the systematic development of the biofuels markets could help Australia achieve its current and even more ambitious CO2 ​targets at potentially lower cost and risk using biofuels​!