SA Department of Energy & Mining (DEM) Releases EV Action Plan

The South Australian Department of Energy and Mining (DEM) released their Electric Vehicle Action Plan.

The South Australian Department of Energy and Mining (DEM) released their Electric Vehicle Action Plan.

The Plan seeks to prepare South Australia for electric vehicle uptake and realise the potential financial and environmental benefits that electric vehicles can deliver.

Energeia contributed by providing analysis into how greater EV uptake results in greater household electricity cost savings through charging, as well as the impacts on:

  • The South Australian electricity network
  • Retailer revenues; and
  • Consumer fuel cost savings

Energeia analysis considered how different electricity tariffs are likely to impact on consumer charging behaviours through price signals.

To find out more about Energeia’s electric vehicle charging impact modelling, please contact us at [email protected].

For more information or to discuss your specific needs regarding EV data forcasting and modelling, please request a meeting with our team.

For more detailed information regarding key challenges facing electric vehicle uptake, please see Energeia’s Power Session webinars and associated materials.

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