Integrated System Plan Design Report for the Northern Territory

Energeia’s consulting services were engaged by the Power and Water Corporation (PWC) to develop a fit-for-purpose, end-to-end design report which detailed the entire scope of the Northern Territory Regulated Electricity System Investment Plan. Energeia developed a robust, fit-for-purpose design report tailored to the NT’s unique power system requirements.

The Northern Territory Government’s primary objective for the electricity sector is to promote the efficient investment in and efficient operation/use of electricity services for the long-term interests of consumers. To further these goals, the Gateway Review of the NT Electricity Market Reforms recommended the development and mandate of a Northern Territory (NT) Regulated Electricity System Investment Plan (RESIP), updated biennially and with a rolling 10-year and beyond outlook.  

The NT is seeking a concise investment plan to maintain power system security for its regulated power systems over a 10-year planning horizon. The NT RESIP is thus designed to present a clearly articulated, long-term investment plan, mandated by the Minister, to ensure the ongoing security and reliability of the NT power system. This plan encompasses the integration of all aspects of power system requirements, including energy, capacity, and essential system services. 

Energeia’s consulting services were engaged by Power and Water Corporation (PWC) to develop a fit-for-purpose, end-to-end Design Report that detailed the entire scope of the NT RESIP. Energeia leveraged our unique experience in developing models that feed into the integrated system planning process of best practice jurisdictions such as Western Power (WP) in Western Australia and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) in California. 

Through researching best practice Integrated System Plans (ISPs), Energeia developed a robust Design Report tailored to the NT’s specific needs and unique power system requirements that could be taken forward and mandated by the Electricity Market Reform Implementation Taskforce (EMRIT). 

The NT RESIP Design Report included the full scope of work required to deliver the NT RESIP, including the development process, development schedule, scenario assumptions, modelling methodology, key inputs and assumptions, and investment planning (including a cost-benefit analysis). The report was able to effectively demonstrate the necessary steps and time required to successfully deliver and complete the NT’s inaugural RESIP.  

The NT RESIP Design Report was used to inform the Tender which was issued to market by PWC in October 2023 to procure modelling services for Stage 2 of the NT RESIP development process. Used as a supporting document, the Design Report clearly laid out the scope of the NT RESIP, as well as its intended outcome and purpose, helping to better inform potential respondents of the scope of work that would need to be undertaken in later stages of the project.

For more detailed information regarding electricity system planning, effective integration, and consumer impacts, please see Energeia’s webinar and associated materials.

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