23 JAN 2023 | 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM (ADST)

World-leading rooftop solar PV adoption rates mean Australian grids are increasingly limited in their ability to host additional systems. It is not accidental that Australia has been pioneering some of the world’s leading solar PV hosting technology. Join us for our first webinar of 2024 to learn more about leading edge solutions for integrating solar PV and other flexible customer energy resources (CER):

Join the discussion on Tuesday, 23 January 2024, to dive into Overcoming the Grid’s CER Hosting Capacity Barriers

This webinar will cover proven best practices related to:

  • Building electrification measures, costs, grid impacts, and funding strategies
  • A closer look at electricity grid optimisation to mitigate impacts
  • Real-world methods for 100% funding the transition

Register today to learn connecting more CER capacity to the grid and overcoming utility side barriers. 

Meet Your Host – Ezra Beeman

Ezra Beeman specialises in business strategy, asset transactions, contract structuring, energy and information technology, market design, and industry regulation for major oil, gas, and power companies across Europe, the Americas, and the Asia Pacific. In addition to his consulting and utility experience, Ezra is an internationally recognized expert on smart grids, wholesale and retail markets, customer research, and demand response. Reach out to Ezra today to explore how Energeia can help your organization produce and distribute energy more efficiently, sustainably, or economically.

Power Session Webinars

As a series, the Power Session webinars aim to address the energy industry’s complex analytical challenges. Session topics broadly cover decarbonisation, decentralisation, and digitisation informed by real-world expertise and results from recent analysis and solutions. Accordingly, our mission is to share best practices, lessons learned, and insights to sustainably power humanity today and tomorrow.

Your feedback during each session helps us identify the hot-button topics on your mind. Be sure to vote during the closing question and answer section.

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